Treatment of low oil pressure in servo oil press

How is the servo hydraulic press unable to keep up with the oil pressure? Why is the oil pressure too low? What's the reason? The servo hydraulic pressure machine has too low oil pressure. Now, the professional servo hydraulic mechanism manufacturer will answer the following questions for you. When the engine throttle is fully opened, the inlet oil pressure of the torque converter is less than the standard value. The reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: low oil supply and low oil consumption. Oil pipe leakage or blockage; too much oil flow into the transmission; plug in oil pipe or oil filter net; hydraulic pump wear serious or damaged; incorrect installation of oil absorption ~ network; hydraulic pressure can not keep up oil pressure, oil bubble; inlet pressure valve can not close or spring stiffness decrease. How can the hydraulic press not keep up with the oil pressure? Four column hydraulic press low pressure solution is too low: first check the oil level. If the oil level is lower than the minimum, the oil should be supplemented. If the oil level is normal, the import and export pipe should be checked. If there is a leakage of oil, it should be excluded. If the inlet and exit pipe is well sealed, the performance of the inlet and outlet pressure valve should be monitored, and the cracks or scars on the parts should be examined under the condition that the pressure valve of the import and export pressure is not closed. The hole is clear and the spring stiffness is small, and the problem should be solved in time. If the pressure valve is normal, the hydraulic press should remove the tubing or screen inspection. If there is a blockage, the sediment should be cleaned and cleared. Treatment of low oil pressure in servo oil press If the oil pipe, need to check the hydraulic pump, when necessary to replace the hydraulic oil pump J if the hydraulic oil foam, should check the oil pipe installation, if the oil position of the oil pipe is lower than the oil level of the oil pool, sleep should be put back into the tubing.

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